Federal Motor Carrier Service and Safety Rating

 Viking Trailways encourages all of their potential customers to take advantage of the service that the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides.  They have composed a Safety Measurement System and have data on all of the Motor Carrier companies nation wide.  Simply click hereand search for your prospective Motor Carriers.  We are certain you will find Viking Trailways to be the safest Motor Carrier around and top-tier nation wide. 

Safety Ratings and Certifications

 Viking Trailways has the highest safety rating issued by the US Department of Transportation & has been inspected and certified by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). We are authorized to carry the men and women serving in our Military. Viking Trailways is the only DOD Certified carrier in the 4 State Area!  

Preventive Maintenance

 At Viking Trailways, we provide our travelers with safe, well-maintained vehicles by performing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.  

Trailways Nation-Wide Support

 North, South, East, or West: any motorcoach carrier may be able to provide transport service without incident within their local area, however what happens if that company has a breakdown on the road and away from their service area? Trailways has a system of over 100 service centers positioned throughout North America, backed by over 2,000 replacement vehicles and relief drivers when or if needed.